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*MarinePure Block 20 x 20 x 8cm  $135 in stock; MarinePure Plate 20 x 20 x 2.5cm $74 in stock

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Marinepure creates the perfect bio home for bacteria with its porous inert structure and designed to maximise filtration with bio film technology.

  • Designed for Ammonia and Nitrite Removal

  • Primarily designed to provide deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification in passive systems.

  • Live rock substitute-popular among reef hobbyists as a substitute for live rock because it reduces nitrates more efficiently without harming the environment.

  • Use in sumps, stacked in extra-large filters.


  • MarinePure


  • MarinePure is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes. It will eliminate ammonia and nitrites and lower nitrates.

  • MarinePure's bio-media is the most technically advanced bio-media available today.

  • Features Thin Bio-Film Technology

  • MarinePure is inert and will not harm aquarium inhabitants.


  • Why Use MarinePure


  • Better value due to high performance

  • Reduced tank maintenance

  • Allows for higher fish loads

  • Can use a smaller filtration footprint

  • More consistent water chemistry

  • Easy to shape


  • Can be used in a variety of applications;


  • Used in tank

  • Used in sumps

  • Used in canister filters

  • Used in DIY filters

  • Used in trickle or shower filters

  • Used in waterfall filters

  • Used in hang on back filters


  • Thin Bio-Film Technology


  • Combination of vast surface area and open/interconnected pores allow a thin bio-film to develop.

  • This thin film allows bacteria to flourish because necessary nutrients are immediately available.

  • With the open pores, old dead bio-film is easily flushed from the media and will not plug the media.

  • Water flows through the media, not around as with other denser medias, thus utilising the most surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.

MarinePure 1 litre Spheres (Approx. 20 Spheres per Litre) $24 in stock

MarinePure spheres.webp

*Marine Pure Gems 90g ( FOR UP TO 70 GALLONS) $33 in stock  

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MarnePure Megs 2.jpg
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