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ADA AMAZONIA Ver2 9L $65;3L $35


This fall, Aqua Soil – Amazonia II has been renewed as Amazonia Ver.2. A change from the existing Amazonia II is that the Amazonia Ver.2 comes with Amazonia Supplement to enhance its nutrients. Let us introduce the special characteristics of Amazonia Ver. 2 this time.

Easy to use and helps grow healthy aquatic plants

ADA had developed Amazonia Light and Amazonia II to prevent turbid or colored water and algae outbreak. But, because so many users requested us to develop a new product for growing healthier aquatic plants, Amazonia Ver.2 is eventually developed after improving the issues. Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver.2 has the following features.

●Because the same raw materials are used for Amazonia Ver.2 as Amazonia II, the quality of water tends to become slightly acidic, also turbid and colored water or algae outbreak are unlikely to occur.

●Amazonia Supplement comes with Amazonia Ver.2 anew as an additional source of nutrition. Because Amazonia Supplement contains the same nutritional components and organic acid as the original Amazonia, by strengthening the nitrogen content even more, healthy aquatic plants grow.

●Depending on dosages of Amazonia Supplement, the concentration of the nutritional components in the substrate can be adjusted. And it enables to locally increase the concentration of the nutritional components by focusing on where to add in a large aquarium tank.

Normal type.jpg
Normal powder type.jpg


Aqua Soil-Amazonia

Amazonia is substrate material, rich in organic acid and nutrients, promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots. By combining with Power Sand, it becomes the ideal substrate for plants. Powder type is used for small size aquarium or for spreading lightly over the normal type Amazonia.


Aqua Soil-Amazonia LIGHT POWDER 9L $85


With its natural earth color, it shows aquascapes visually more natural. It contained the same natural black soil as Amazonia, it sufficiently promotes the growth of aquatic plants


Colorado Sand 8KG $54; 2KG $19

Colorado Sand is natural sand in natural reddish color. It is suitable for general aquarium use and also good as cosmetic sand for planted aquarium. It has a wide array of uses without affecting water quality. It is great to place a thin layer of Colorado Sand on the bottom of a small aquarium with WABI-KUSA.

La plata sand.jpg

La Plata Sand 8kg $54; 2kg $19

La Plata Sand is natural sand having natural bright color. It is suitable for general aquarium use and also good as cosmetic sand for planted aquarium. With its natural white color, La Plata Sand creates an atmosphere of natural river bed in aquarium. It does not affect the Water quality parameter.


Aqua Gravel 8kg $29; 2kg $12


Aqua Gravel is a natural river gravel that won't raise the hardness of the aquarium water. You can spread it directly inside the aquarium tank and use as base sand. (Usable for bottom filter). 

power sand advance.jpg
power sand 1.jpg


Power Sand Special will be switched to POWER SAND ADVANCE. This product has more nutrients than POWER SAND BASIC, and on top of Bacter 100 and Clear Super, it contains BC powder (bamboo charcoal powder), which helps encourage the growth of plants. Choose an appropriate granule size (Small, Medium, Large) based on depth of aquarium water in your tank. 2-liter and 6-liter bags are available.

Article Code



Depth of water tank



40cm or below


40cm to 60cm


over 60cm

ADA Bottom Plus.jpg

Bottom Plus (25 Sticks) $29.00


Bottom Plus refines the leaf color of aquatic plants with vigorous nutrient absorption from the roots, since it is particularly fortified with the nitrogen and iron contents that tend to be deficient in the substrate kept for a long-term. Also, as it is produced from the same natural soil as the raw material of Aqua Soil, the stick never remains in the substrate.

BACTE 100.jpg
BACTE 100 1.jpg

Bacter 100 $32

Bacter 100 is a substrate additive, containing more than 100 kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it can make an ideal substrate environment. By applying on top of blue green algae, it suppresses the growth of it.


Iron Bottom (30pcs) $39.00

Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients with balanced formula of trace elements and coated iron. It is recommended for the growth of Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, which mainly absorb nutrients from the roots.











Collected from the mineral rich foothills of the famous Mont Aso Volcano in Japan.

Fluval Stratum is the ideal substrate for stimulating the growth of aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums. Plant roots easily penetrate and spread throughout the substrate, allowing plants to obtain a variety of key, readily available nutrients that will make them flourish.

The addition of FLUVAL PLANT MICRO NUTRIENTS will ensure a full complement of essential macro and micro nutrients. The substrate's light, non-compacting, porous structure is also highly beneficial to nitrifying bacteria, which rapidly colonize the vast porous surface, providing optimal water quality for plants.

Fluval Stratum's inherent properties will help support a neutral to slightly acidic pH, ideal for most plant species and species of tropical fish or shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums. Fluval Stratum also provides new born shrimp with the ideal refuge, allowing them to escape predation until they are large enough to emerge.

This highly attractive substrate will not discolor water and helps control organic discoloration usually present when natural driftwood is used. 8 Kg / 17.6 lb $59

Key Features:

  • Mineral Rich Volcanic Soil

  • Stimulates Strong Plant Growth

  • Promotes Neutral to Mildly Acidic pH

  • For Plants or Shrimp

          2 Kg / $25;  4 Kg /  $39;  8kg/$65


DHA Natural Rock Stone(Seiryu rock) always admired those fantastic looking aqua scaped Aquariums. Now you can easily look like a professional aquarium artist!

$7.00 per kg









Aquarium Aquascaping Dragon Rock


Aquarium Aquascaping Dragon Rock $9/kg
Dragon Rock is One of the most popular and best looking aquascaping rocks in the world. Works extremely well with a light coloured gravel such fine white.
Always admired those fantastic looking aquascaped Aquariums and Terrariums? Now you to can easily look like a professional aquarium artist!

As these are naturally occurring rock pieces, variations in size, colour & texture are expected.

-Aquarium Safe


Texas Holey Rock $9/per kg

Texas Holey Rock is a beautiful limestone essential in all African Cichlid and Marine tanks. As a calcium carbonate based rock it will help buffer your tank’s pH levels as required.

Fish love the smooth surface and caves of Texas Holey Rock which create a stunning natural habitat essential for their well-being.

Texas Holey Rock can also be used to great effect in terrariums, garden & floral displays and home decor.

pnp gold pearl 1.jpg
pnp gold pearl.jpg
pnp gold pearl 2.jpg
pnp gold pearl 3.jpg

Gold Pearl Aquarium Gravel ( sold out)


Gold Pearl is a naturally smooth pebble sourced from New Zealand Southland's east coast beaches. Its shapes are perfectly round or oval and are a brilliant gold pebble with black, grey, brown, green and white pebbles sprinkled in the background. This pebble gives a tropical beach feel to any aquarium and extremely unique.

  • Aquarium safe

  • Reptile safe

  • Pure New Zealand Beauty

  • Triple Washed

  •  $35/9kg

pnp daimond black aquarium gravel.jpg
pnp domond black.jpg
pnp diamond black aquarium2.jpg
pnp diamond black aquarium gravel 3.jpg



Quartz Gravel is the Rolls-Royce of our range. Natural Quartz not only looks wonderful but has also been shown to help reduce the build up of algae in the aquarium.

This is partly due to the huge surface area of quartz which offers added space for the establishment of tank cleaning bacteria.

Quartz sparkles underwater due to the many light reflecting facets and looks like diamonds have been added to your tank.

  • Aquarium safe

  • Promotes good bacteria growth

  • Great for aquatic plants

  • Sparkles Underwater

  • PH Netural

  • $45/9kg

pnp ice white 1.jpg
pnp ice white.jpg
pnp ice white 2.jpg
pnp ice white 3.jpg



All gravel is specially graded to 2mm–4mm which is the optimum size for aquarium use. Ice White aquarium gravel is natural, contains no artificial colour and is safe for use in any aquarium.


pnp sugar white aquarium sand 1.jpg
pnp sugar white aquarium sand.jpg
pnp sugar white aquarium sand 2.jpg
pnp sugar white aquarium sand 3.jpg



We are pleased to offer a range of premium quartz sands specially formulated for use in both terrariums and aquariums. All colours are natural.




Price from $19 to $165

These beautiful woods hail from the Southern Island of New Zealand. During the changes of seasons in the Southern Alpine Mountains strong weather events cause massive “slips” in rocky areas covered in native New Zealand Hardwood Trees.

These trees are broken up and washed down the mountains into the ice gold glacial rivers.

Slowing they make their way towards the West Coast Ocean River mouths. The twists and turns on this long trip naturally remove all the bark and oils from the wood resulting in a paper smooth final work of art.

  • The purifying water of the pristine rivers also wash away any tannins and oils from the woods.

  • 100% Sustainably collected under license

  • All hardwood NZ species Heavy and will sink

  • Very light in tannins

  • Will not rot

  • 100% safe for aquariums and terrariums

pnp gold vine small 30cm.jpg
pnp gold vine lge 60cm.jpg

Gold Vine 

This is the most wonderful wood we have ever seen! Found in Mongolia, this vine is paper smooth with intricate branching and fascinating beauty. It will turn a fantastic Mahogany colour when in an aquarium. Perfect for both Aquariums and Terrariums or any other display. This wood is extremely low in any tannin and is 100% safe for all fish and animals. As Gold Vine is very light it will take from 7-10 days to become water-logged and sink. As we source this wood directly from tribes and villagers, we’re able to offer you extremely attractive prices for this amazing work of art.

Large (60cm) $49; Small (30cm) $29


Honeycomb Driftwood : Similar to Malaysian driftwood in contours and colouration. Honeycomb driftwood distinguishes itself with much more intricate formations of arches and gaps. The namesake “honeycomb” describes it nicely in that several gaps and holes can be found in the wood allowing smaller fish to swim through as well as epiphatic plants to establish roots. Honeycomb driftwood can also be used in scapes as a wood alternative to dragon stone as both hardscapes share similarities in shape.

Small Size (10~20cm)  $8.00; Medium Size (20~30cm) $15; Large Size (30~40cm) $30; 


Flourite® Black Sand

  • Premium natural sand for the planted aquarium

  • Good for the life of the aquarium

  • 3.5kg $39.00 

  • 7kg $75.00


Flourite® Sand

  • Premium natural sand for the planted aquarium

  • Good for the life of the aquarium

3.5kg $39.95


Flourite® Black

  • Premium natural gravel for the planted aquarium

  • Good for the life of the aquarium

  • 3.5kg $39.95


Flourish Glue™

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive

  • Attach moss and plants to rocks, driftwood, and even gravel

  • No more thread, no more weights

  • Bonds within seconds

  • Can be used underwater

  • 8g $15

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